Super Tuesday

I know you think I'm going to talk about politics, but I'm not. Really, I just want to talk about how super my Tuesday has been personally.

First of all, today was the first Tuesday of the month. I love first Tuesdays because at my job it means we have a work meeting. I know, I know, most people hate work meetings, but at the office I'm in, it's really just an excuse to take a break at a local hotel restaurant and eat lunch together. We take this time to discuss what we accomplished in the last month, our upcoming goals until the next meeting, and maybe laugh about clients we consider "red flags." Sorry, but if you're a difficult client in any industry, you're probably going to be mentioned among coworkers from time to time.

Anyways, the point of this meeting is to allow us to reconnect, reflect on successes and plan for additional success. Think of it as a monthly workplace Thanksgiving! This is something I think everyone should do in their lives on a regular basis, so this is my mission to you:

Give it a try. Once a month, take a step back for a couple hours and evaluate your goals, whether they're personal or business-related. Take yourself and/or a trusted confidant out to lunch. Discuss or write down all the accomplishments you've achieved in the last month--this will likely be a gratifying experience because we don't always see our successes daily, but when you look back at the bigger picture, you'll find you've done so much!

After you give yourself a pat on the back, go ahead and figure out what your goals for the next month are. If there are any goals that you didn't reach last month, don't beat yourself up. Consider why you didn't reach your goals (not enough time, not implementing enough social media presence, distractions, health, etc) and then create a new plan of attack.

Since I've already reflected on how super things are for me, let me share my successes with you. In the last month I have been able to secure more client work in my freelance design business, which I am about to dive into full-time. I even updated my social media profiles and website, and created a blog despite being ill. This week is my last week with the company I've been working at for almost two years. I will still be helping out the company, but on a freelance basis, which I'm very thankful to have the opportunity of, as well. And finally, I just released my first EP, Incoming Transmission with my band, Tin Foil Cat, and recorded vocals on a song with a local musician, Daisy Propane. As I said before, I'm so thankful for having such a great month.

And this upcoming month's goals? A trip to Texas to work with one of my main clients. The official beginning of my full-time freelancing design career. Finishing up a cover design for the April issue of What's Up! Magazine. A trip to Japan towards the end of the month through May where I plan on working on art, meeting musicians and other awesome creatives, train in my Kung Fu, and focus on my business goals. Be sure to follow me on that journey; I'll make sure to keep you posted, particularly in the ramen department.