From an Undead State of Mind

Greetings, I’ve finally gone ahead and made myself a blog. Of course, it took feeling deathly ill (I’m talking about you, Flu) for me to actually make it happen. Something about being unhealthy always gives me a push to do the things I “meant to get around to.” Perhaps it’s the result of agonizing over my state of pain & discomfort and the fact that when I’m not thinking about that I usually use some sort of design idea as my mantra until I pass out. For example, as I lay lucidly between consciousness and “death” as it certainly felt, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to “brand” famous animated characters. What would they do for a day job in the real world?

Ever an obsessive Sailor Moon fan, I thought about Mamo-chan (or Tuxedo Mask). Perhaps he would run a flower shop. After all, where on earth does he get all those perfect roses to throw at just the last moment? I imagined him running all around Tokyo, peeking in people’s yards as he runs to the battle scene searching for the perfect rose. Hence why he’s always late to the scene. Must be hard to come by during the winter.

In any case, I decided while I think he’d be adorable running a flower shop, it would be easier to come up with a cool brand for a tuxedo rental shop. I decided it would be called Mask & Cloak Tuxedo Rentals. One of these days, probably when I’m sick, I’ll find the time to actually create this whole brand. But until then, you can enjoy this silly comic. By the way, I’m not a comic artist and have no aspirations to be (though I did as a teenager).