About Miss Mandible

Miss Mandible is a persona created by Mandy Cramer in order to encapsulate all the different creative endeavors she pursues. Miss Mandible is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, musician in a band called Tin Foil Cat, and model/actress, mainly in that particular order of importance. Because this is a website focused primarily on my graphic design, let's stick to that one.

Based out of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I have about 5+ years of experience, officially. While my home base is in Bellingham, WA, I always love projects that take me traveling or require me to explore a new skillset. My primary focus in design is print marketing, but I am always happy to adapt to the needs of your project.

I bet you're wondering what experience I have unofficially. My journey in graphic design actually began 16 years ago when I was 10 and obsessed with Sailor Moon. I always thought the websites out there were absolutely garish and decided to learn how to make my own web layouts. In retrospect, I'm still really glad none of those websites are live anymore, but you can get the idea of how my interest in graphic design grew out of this. And how I never grew out of design, or Sailor Moon for that matter.


Living Dead, Inc., Integrated Corrosion Companies, Integrated Project Consultants, BK Power Systems, BK Corrosion, Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen, Five Pillars Hung Gar